With more than 50 years experience in creating soup, Royco has developed a range of soups that cater for everything from a snack in between meals to a mouth-watering meal.
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Instant Soup

All the options in the instant range simply require the addition of boiling water, a vigorous stir and they’re ready to sip and enjoy.
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Regular Packet Soup

The perfect broth to serve as a base to wholesome home made soup. Packet Soup can also be used to thicken and add flavour to stews, sishebo and potjiekos
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Gourmet Soup

A decadent range of flavours presents you with a soup that border lines a gastronomic affair. Perfect as a starter to entertain your guests!
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Thick Soup Stew

Royco Thick Soup Stew is a unique combination of Royco Packet Soup plus added herbs and spices – all in one convenient pack! Perfect for a hearty stew on a cold winter's day.
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